MEF Professional Certification

    Expertly designed, MEF professional-level certifications validate the knowledge, skill, and abilities in specific learning domains. Students achieving two certifications MEF Professional-level certifications are designated MEF Network Experts.

    MEF Accredited Training Providers
    Instructor–led training through an MEF Accredited Training Provider (MEF-ATP) is the preferred and utilized by more than 80% of MEF Certified Professionals world-wide. Formalized training enables more thorough yet focused coverage of the study materials, and as such can be a time saving preparation alternative for busy professionals.  Click here for available E-Learning, virtual and on-site training options.

    MEF-SDCP SD-WAN Self Study
    MEF's self-study tool provides direct access to MEF technical standards, white papers and related references to assist in you in preparation for the MEF-SDCP SD-WAN Professional Certification exam.

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